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Our Brand, Our Mission


LoveWorks365 is a meditation and wellness brand that promotes the value of love in everyday life. Our mission is to encourage everyone to "Live Love as a Lifestyle." True love starts within and  makes its way to the outside, ultimately impacting everything around it for the better.  So join us in making it happen.



Co Founder & Community Manager

Hi there. I am so glad that you found your way to  community. I founded LoveWorks365 over 8 years ago with a mission to simply spread love (and it's not just because I'm from Brooklyn:). I wanted to give myself and others a platform to encourage acts and words of love.   I'm a licensed meditation guide and have been practicing in this space for over 10 years.  The meditation and wellness space is just what I do. I enjoy encouraging others towards development in all aspects of their life, especially inward. I also run a children's media company dedicated to promoting physical and mental wellness in children.  

Welcome to the movement LoveWorkers. I appreciate you and I love you greatly.  Connect with us on social and join our local Meetup Group.

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